business areas

We know a range of feelings spring to mind when entering a new space or situation. For example, sitting and contemplating your surroundings as you wait for someone in a public space or welcoming someone into your work place for the first time. Similarly, the silence and calmness you feel when entering a hotel room or the exciting smells that immediately surround you and your friends at a restaurant. The sensation of being on the move, not knowing what to expect or who you’ll meet when travelling or the sense of comfort when spending time with loved ones in your own home.

These are all situations we think about when creating our collection, and to easily explain to our customers what we offer we have chosen to identify and name three main business areas; Meeting & Active Workplaces, Lifestyle and Community.

Each respective business area includes furniture that fits well into the different interiors. If you want more information about what Offecct can offer within the business areas you are more than welcome to contact us.