Air and the Meeting

We spend most of our time indoors – at home or in the workplace. This would be fine if we were breathing good air. Mostly, we’re not. As modern buildings are well insulated and sealed, we breathe the same air over and over and again. Not only does this drain us of energy. It’s also potentially unhealthy as we inhale toxins and other air pollutants. The cure is plants. Nothing keeps air clean and moist like greenery.

Some plants – like Falangio, Gerbera and
Spatifillo – are particularly efficient in raising oxygen levels while also absorbing CO2 and hazardous particles. The result: we not only feel better but get a lot more done. Scientific studies prove that plants can help increase productivity by as much as 11 percent!

Our O2asis collection is specially designed to integrate plants into modern office and public spaces interiors.