Caramel by Claesson Koivisto Rune

Care instructions

Lacquered tables
Table tops with a lacquered finish must not be exposed to solvents, alcohol or equal during a longer period. If the coating is used or scratched a solid tabletop can be trimmed down and lacquered again to refresh the surface. 

Recommended maintenance for furniture upholstered in leather is regular dusting and careful vacuum cleaning once a week. 2-3 times a year the leather should be carefully cleaned with a specially adapted product. If the leather is exposed to body contact a more frequent cleaning is required. The effective types of leather cleanser existing today are based on surfactants that cleans the surface, and soap that cleans on the depth. Dirt and stains are carefully removed with a natural sponge or cloth. Never rub the leather.

Acoustic Panels
If your panels get dusty you can use a soft brush for cleaning. Brush gently from the top and downwards for best result. You can also use a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery nozzle or a dusting brush. Set the vacuum cleaner on low suction to avoid damage of the surface. If your panels get stained, we recommend you to contact a professional cleaning company. It is important to follow these instructions for the best result of cleaning and to avoid damages.

Other material
We recommend daily wiping with a damp cloth for cast iron stands, lacquered wood products, lacquered plates and steel.