Offecct Lifecircle, our business model and philosophy. It is a unique solution that gives our products an even longer life. Offecct Lifecircle divides our business offer into four different areas: 

Customization is everything surrounding our products. Our designers, our collection, all adaptations and unique solutions that we offer the market. 

Service & Support contains our unique service agreement where we amongst others perform onsite inspections, that we can deliver parts from our collection in only one to five days from factory as well as that we can recommend authorized partners. We also have plenty of useful information on our website as well as offers personal contact over the phone or email.

Reused is Reusing; that we offer to take back used Offecct products in order to sell them again, Reupholstery where we offer to reupholster our products by the same skilled craftsmen that once made them or by craftsmen trained by us. And Recycle, where we talk about our materials, that the majority can be recycled, but also that we are using recycled material in plenty of our products. 

Authenticity is just that, the authenticity behind us and our products. That our products are tested in authorized laboratories, our eco-certificates, that our products come with a QR-code showing originality and information about the product. Also that we offer seminars within sustainability and acoustics amongst others.