Some of our extensive collection is now available to purchase online 24 hours a day. The webshop also stocks our Fast Supply range, which has an extra short delivery time.

Stamp of Origin
All our products carry a QR code that proves its origin and contains necessary information about the product. A client anywhere in the world can just scan this label with a smartphone to access information such as the product name and designer, date of production, distributor and other relevant data.

Air & acoustic support
We offer extensive knowledge to improve air and sound quality. Visit our website at or contact our Sales Support for information on how our O2asis and Soundwave product ranges can help to improve air quality or sound balance.

Sound Balance App

In order to find the appropriate amount of absorption, the room’s reverberation time is measured and analyzed. Sound Balance APP contains a sophisticated measurement tool to measure the room's reverberation time. It also gives you guidance when choosing the reverberation time which is convenient to reach for your type of room. With the measurement results, we can recommend the products suitable or you can enter Acoustic facts to select products and see their influence. Available free on AppStore. Click here!