original design

To transform an idea in to a piece of furniture is a comprehensive investment that many people work on for several years. Offecct collaborates with international architects and designers who have dedicated years of their lives to study their profession and grow a unique design language. Together we execute global design projects that brings experience and new ideas to life which results in innovative solutions for users today and in the future. All the projects we carry out are a team effort and our staff go through continuous training in amongst other our own Offecct Employees Academy. We always strive to achieve a diversity in our team and equal pay for equal work is a given no matter gender. Our products are made in a work environment that is clean and bright by a staff that feels safe, motivated and proud of their handicraft. We are certified according to ISO14001 and 9001 and also work according to the regulations of ISO26000, guidance for social responsibility.

The production is based in Sweden, which means that we can control the environmental impact in every step of the process. The furniture leaving our factory has a fully declared content, is tested for harmful materials and delivered to our clients with instructions for maintenance and a five years guarantee. Our furniture can also be re-upholstered which guarantees that our timeless design can be used by future generations. Our unconditional work on quality has made us one of the leading design producers in the north and is the reason why design lovers around the world chooses to furnish their homes, institutions and public spaces with products from Offecct.

We are confident that furniture produced under these conditions, designed by some of the world’s most competent architects and designers, is not only a good investment but also responsible consumption. To buy a copy is not an alternative. A copy does not offer safety for the consumer, is often made with poor quality and during even poorer work conditions. A copy of an original furniture can never be sold as second hand due it is against the law and also an infringement on the designers and producers immaterial rights. This is a fact not many consumers are aware of which can lead to unfortunate consequences for those who purchase ”in good faith”. To produce copies of design furniture misleads not only the consumer but also severely harms the meaning of design and profession as such.

To buy a copy is an unsustainable, temporary investment that without doubt contributes to a growing environmental problem. Copyright and trademark infringement of design works are ongoing global issues and with this text we would like to spread awareness about the subject in order to minimize the amount of copies and maximize the quality on the market.