Service solutions

Financial Solutions
Sustainable interiors are available with advantageous financial solutions. We offer financial agreements that spread the investment over time as an operating expense.

Quality Warranty
All our products have a warranty of 5 years from the delivery date and are developed and produced with a long life span in mind.

Offecct Care/Service agreement.
Maintenance of purchased products increases durability, prolonging the products’ life cycle. We offer service agreements to our clients with fast support from our service technicians. We can also apply a treatment to protect against dirt using a method called Fibre ProTector.

Offecct Care offers an opportunity to sign a service agreement for the regular care and inspection of purchased products.
For more information about our service agreement. Please contact our sales support at:

Fast Supply – Extended range and choice of colours now available
Selected products in our collection are available for online orders with delivery within 3 – 7 business days from the time the order is placed on our website. The collection is available in a specific range of materials and colors.

Authorized Partners
We are proud that our service and business partners meet our high expectations by having completed training in our philosophy, sustainability, product knowledge and customer care.