Econef is a non-governmental organization based in Sweden and Tanzania. The office in Tanzania is located in Jua Kali, in northern Tanzania and aims to improve the standard of living for orphans in the area. Each child has a different story, but most often, they have lost their parents to the HIV virus. With the help of economic aid from sponsors and private donators, Econef has the ability to offer security and everyday necessities for the orphans of the Jua kali orphanage. The organization ensures that all children have somewhere to live, something to eat, and that they have access to education and hospitals.

The need to build more orphanages in the region is imminent due to the increasing number of orphans. To relieve the overcrowded facilities in Jua Kali, a new orphanage complex is being built near the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain. The new planned buildings for the orphanage is designed by a team of young Swedish architects and many self-sustainable innovations have been implemented in to the project. Like the roof, which angle functions as a collector of rain water, water which will supply the houses needs. More functions are planned, such as advanced filters with ability to purify the waste water so it can be used for irrigation on the fields nearby. Offecct has since 2013 a long term commitment to the project.