Code of Conduct

Social Responsibility
Our Code of Conduct must always be seen as a minimum requirement, together with the national law in the country we operate in, as well as international conventions and standards*. We at Offecct work according to United Nations Global Compact 10 guidelines and require our suppliers to do the same.

We stand behind a fair business competition. We should take care not to directly or indirectly violate corruption laws, unfair competition laws, environmental laws or labour laws regardless of nation we operate in.

Offecct takes social concerns, by which we mean that all the stakeholders and employees are treated with ethical manner. Discrimination, abuse, forced labour and child labour are not accepted. Offecct always stands behind equality and fair working conditions. Everyone has the right to equal pay for equal work. We also follow regulations from ISO 26000.

Work Environment
Our Code of Conduct applies to all employees at Offecct regardless of employment. We at Offecct work according to LEAN, which means that we work in a systematic way and with continuous improvements. We have clear documentation regarding routines to health, safety and surroundings to prevent and improve the work environment for all employees.

Offecct encourage every employees own personality and think that each person contributes to a more efficient and sustainable operations.

No employees may for their own benefit, charge or receive improper benefits or offers. This under national and international law. Offecct has zero tolerance for crime and report all cases to the local police. 

Eco Environment
Offecct works actively to prevent and minimize any environmental impact we cause. Each product goes through a life cycle-analysis to minimize and prevent negative impacts from raw material, production processes, energy consumption, packaging, transport and other activities, in accordance with our environmental policy. We always start from the precautionary principle.

We make active choices when it comes to saving energy; we use energy saving light bulbs, drinking local water and have extensive recycling of production.

We are working with accountable suppliers that does not manufacture, trade and / or use chemicals and hazardous substance under regional or international bans or phase-outs. Offecct always choose the chemicals containing the least harmful substances and with the lowest environmental impact.

Most of our suppliers are located within a radius of 300 kilometres. It is logical and natural to us; transport is no longer than necessary and it facilitates our close cooperation’s.

Offecct is certified to ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004, parts of our collection are labelled with the Nordic Ecolabel and Möbelfakta

The Code of Conduct aims to be a guide for all employees and cooperation partners for Offecct. These guidelines should be followed by all our suppliers and we require a dialogue and openness between all parties. Should this not occur, or in any way derogate, the business relationships that violate these regulations will be reviewed. But if a supplier does not meet the requirements of the Code of Conduct and if no solutions can be agreed and implemented, within the agreed deadline, Offecct can choose to stop current production, cancel corresponding contracts, suspend future contracts and/or dismiss the business relationship with the supplier that does not follow the code of conduct.

*ILO:s fundamental convention about human rights , OECD:s guidelines , Rio declaration, Children's rights according to the UN Convention.