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Quality policy

Offecct is a Swedish company founded in the town of Tibro in 1990. Together with architects and designers from around the world, we develop furniture with sustainable and functional design for all kind of meeting places. Our work is built upon a genuine and local tradition of craftsmanship which we combine with the latest technological advances. We are internationally recognized for our product development in environmental and recyclable materials, and for creating new typologies within furniture and products which improves air and sound qualities in buildings. Our collection makes interiors give positive and creative experiences in meetings, between people today and tomorrow.

At Offecct the customer is always in focus. Our aim is to understand and fulfil the requirements and expectations of the customer and attempt to exceed them. This applies to everything we make and all work carried out by us. We listen to our customers and from their points of view seek continual and durable improvements in our activities.

The management of Offecct sets clear goals for our quality, which are being measured continually. The management must work positively and committedly to secure the necessary preconditions, so that the quality goals can be achieved.  The foundations in our quality work are laid by working with continuous improvements.

Offecct's employees are aware of their personal responsibility for achieving the right quality. All employees and managers must know what is required and have the skills to comply with legislation and regulations, and also customer requirements, demands and expectations of the products we deliver.

Offecct's employees assume that everything must be done correctly from the start, and that any error that occurs must never be repeated. Employees must take the necessary action immediately if defects are discovered in products or materials or the underlying structure.

At Offecct we create quality through focus on customers, and through our own responsibility, understanding and joint influence, and by taking direct action when needed. 

Offecct holds the ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate. We plan out, document and improve our processes through our endeavours to achieve maximum value for our customers.