Acoustic Panels

Acoustics are an aspect of interior design that often is neglected. When rooms in new buildings are made larger, and there are fewer walls in our homes, the need of acoustic elements increases. The human mind is influenced by all our senses and an annoying sound affects our health and subsequently decreases our creativity. To deal with this issue we created Soundwave®, acoustic panels that have been setting new standards on the market since 2002.




Soundwave® Ando

Soundwave® Botanic

Soundwave® Ceramic


Soundwave® Flo

Soundwave® Geo

Soundwave® Luna

Soundwave® Pix

Soundwave® Scrunch

Soundwave® Sky

Soundwave® Stripes

Soundwave® Swell

Soundwave® Swell Diffuser

Soundwave® Village

Soundwave® Wall

Soundwave® Wall by Christophe Pillet

Soundwave® Wicker