Acoustic Panels

The human mind is influenced by all our senses, including when we are working. This fact has been taken on board by Offecct in the product development process of the sound absorbing panels. The panels are designed to absorb unwanted and disturbing sounds in a room. We have been working with sound absorbing materials for a long time, and Offecct was the first furniture company to launch designed acoustic wall panels. We constantly work with product development of acoustic panels.

Benefits of creating a good acoustic environment
Creating a working environment where people are not constantly disturbed by unwanted sounds and noises increases productivity and efficiency, and reduces stress. We all need suitable conditions to work in, and today there are many aspects of our lives that work against this; people talking on the phone, phones ringing, sounds from the outdoor traffic, the list goes on. This is further increased in the more and more popular flexible workspaces with open plan solutions.

Installing sound panels that reduce these stressful noises calms our senses and creates a feeling of well-being, and brings us closer to our natural environment; nature, all the while supporting sounds that contain information. 

Soundwave® Ando

Soundwave® Botanic

Soundwave® Flo

Soundwave® Geo

Soundwave® Luna

Soundwave® Pix

Soundwave® Planter

Soundwave® Screen

Soundwave® Scrunch

Soundwave® Shelf

Soundwave® Skyline

Soundwave® Stand

Soundwave® Stripes

Soundwave® Swell

Soundwave® Swell Diffuser

Soundwave® Village

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