Ezy Wood by Christophe Pillet


Wood is a living material, and as such should always be kept in dry, heated areas in order to avoid damage. Table tops should be kept lying flat in their original packaging until the table has been assembled with the frame. Our standard table tops, depending on model, consists of plywood coated with laminate in white or white pigmented oak, alternative white or black compact laminate.

To guarantee quality, we always take responsibility for the purchase of fabric and other upholstery materials. We reserve the right to advise against the use of special clothing material if the end result of the product is not expected to meet our quality demands. Fabric consumption is calculated on fabrics without pattern matching with 140 cm width. Other widths of fabrics may require larger quantities of fabric. If a written instruction from the customer is missing, we reserve the right to determine the direction of the pattern and selection of the obverse, and to apply seams in fabric without stretch on certain models for best result.

We offer leather upholstery on most products in our collection, by default, we work with Elmo Soft or Elmo Nordic depending on the model. In case of other leathers being specified the pricing are calculated on sizes of skins.


To minimize the negative effect on our environment and to eliminate health threats for our employees, we only use water based glue in our production.

Material Safety
Chairs and arm chairs are fitted with plastic glides. The cushioning and all other stuffing in our seating furniture is slow-burning (self-extinguishing).