Green Pads

Luca Nichetto was inspired by the architecture in the 1950s when he took on the task of producing a product for the O2ASIS project. In the 1950s, vegetation was an integral part of architecture. As Luca began the development work he put a number of flowers in flowerpots on flowerpot saucers of different sizes next to each other. Then he removed the flowers and the flowerpots but kept the flowerpot saucers on the floor. These flowerpot saucers of various sizes formed a sort of pattern which was then reworked by Luca resulting in the piece of green furniture that has been named Green Pads.

“When I saw the pattern formed by the flowerpot saucers, I thought of Monet’s paintings in Giverny, and I find it hard to imagine a better starting point when designing a product for the O2ASIS project, says Luca Nichetto.

Green Pads is part of Offecct’s O2ASIS project which is an assortment of design products, that combined with vegetation enhances and adds value to the work environment, specifically through a conscious use of greenery and an improved air quality.  O2ASIS also offers possibilities to architects who are interested in adding green elements into their projects.

O2asis sustainability
O2asis is an assortment of design products which together with greenery and plants improves interiors. To maintain the high quality and sustainability and to keep the best surface a flower pot is always to be used inside the products.


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