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Teknisk information

Wooden frame with cold foam wrapped in flame proof fibre. Fixed upholstery in fabric. Platform in white pigmented oak veneer. Base in black stained MDF. Corner assembled. Note: Always connect on the right or left side. Cannot be used individually. Test standard: EN 16139:2013, L1 Rapport no: 647998-8


Förklaring för dimensioner

Höjd (H), Sitthöjd (S), Bredd, (B), Armstöd (A), Djup (D)



The Italian studio Fattorini+Rizzini+Partners (Robin Rizzini, chief designer - Lucio Quinzio Leonelli, managing partner - Bruno Fattorini, president) is established and situated in Milan. The studio has earned an international reputation for their unique approach to furniture design, which is marked by an Italian touch and supported by R&D activities on materials and processes. The…

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