Carry On

Carry On is a portable seating solution that works perfectly by itself but also as a complement to other products. Carry On is designed by Mattias Stenberg who has a strong belief in the need of flexible working places in the public space. Today we work more in projects and need environments that can be easily adapted to different needs.

- Carry On offers the possibility to sit down in an environment where you might not usually sit, says Mattias Stenberg.

Carry On is not only physically flexible; it also signals to the user how it should be used by the handle on top.

- This type of furniture also signals flexibility in how you work and your mindset and shows how the company views the importance of interactivity at large, Stenberg continues.

Carry On has round but simple forms and combines traditional materials and craftsmanship with contemporary design and functions.  It gives a tailored impression with stitching that communicates good craftsmanship. It is easy to stack Carry On, which means that it does not have to be stored elsewhere when not used.


Technical information
Fully upholstered with high compressed wood handle in white pigmented oak. Standard leather Elmo Soft.