Offecct Lab

Offecct has a history of developing innovative solutions and products with high design ambitions. These initiatives include a long lasting program to develop furniture for activity-based workplaces. Within these initiatives SOUNDWAVE® and O₂ASIS can be found; SOUNDWAVE® - the industry's first designed acoustic panels for wall mounting, and O₂ASIS - an assortment of design products, which together with flowers and plants enhances and adds value to the work environment, not least through an improved indoor air quality. Besides SOUNDWAVE® and O₂ASIS the collection consists of many products that meets the requirements of today´s more flexible way of working, not least the successful series Smallroom launched 2012, design by Ineke Hans.

To build on these successes Offecct has introduced OFFECCT LAB, an overall strategic initiative designed to concentrate Offecct’s efforts in the development of new solutions and new products.

– In the establishment of OFFECCT LAB we challenge ourselves and our designers in order to develop proactive and innovative ways to test the limits of the meeting places of the future, says Kurt Tingdal, CEO, Offecct.

The two first tangible results of the work of OFFECCT LAB are AIRBERG and CAPE. AIRBERG is a challenging piece of seating furniture designed by Jean-Marie Massaud and a result of experimenting with new seating typologies. Cape is a complex chair with an exciting look, with ultra-thin dimensions and a very low weight, made possible by collaboration between Offecct and Swedish Steel AB in the development of new steel materials.

– OFFECCT LAB is a very important strategic initiative for Offecct’s continued growth, and we now have the pleasure to preview AIRBERG and CAPE, the first two prototypes resulting from our efforts in OFFECCT LAB. During 2013 we will continue to work with our designers and suppliers to develop innovative and surprising solutions and products, concludes Kurt Tingdal.




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